Dark Souls Remastered
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Dark Souls Remastered
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Dark Souls Remastered game description

Embark on a Journey of Perseverance

Prepare yourself for a challenging adventure in Dark Souls: Remastered, now available on PS4, XB1, and Nintendo Switch. Rediscover the iconic game that set the standard for a whole genre. With its stunning remastered visuals, immerse yourself once again in the haunting world of Lordran.

Unravel the Mysteries of a Bleak World

Step into a dark fantasy realm plagued by decay and a mysterious Curse. Uncover the secrets hidden within its intricate landscapes, from winding passages to treacherous dungeons, and delve deep into its rich lore.

Every Ending is Just the Beginning

Prepare to be constantly surprised by new obstacles and undiscovered aspects of the game with each playthrough. Embrace the challenge and don't expect to conquer the game on your first try.

Endless Gameplay Options and Depth

Experiment with countless combinations of weapons, armor, magic, and crafting to tailor your unique playstyle and shape your own gaming experience.

A Journey of Skill and Triumph

From novice to expert, hone your character and improve your gameplay abilities. Develop strategic thinking and relish the satisfaction of defeating formidable enemies.

Embrace the Multiplayer Experience

Join forces with up to six players on dedicated servers, whether you seek cooperation or competition. Choose your path among the nine covenants and decide where your loyalties lie.

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